To our fellow cheese lovers, 

Welcome to our space of delectable cheese, pastes, fruits, and all sorts of yummy ventures.  Here you will learn a little more about what we do at The Cheese Pleaser.

Last week we installed a gorgeous, rustic and romantic cheese table for a function.  The venue was a beautiful outdoor setting nestled between gardens and candlelight.  The food served was light canapés, paired with a decadent cheese table for grazing.  We sourced beautiful fresh seasonal fruits that looked as ravishing as they tasted; small sweet grapes on the vine, figs, miniature pears and sugar plums.  We paired this with an Apple and Walnut Chutney made by Javier Codina 'The Saucier' of Moda Restaurant.  With this came a fantastic selection of French cheeses with varied textures and flavours - semi hard, soft, oozing brie, hard cheese made of sheeps and goats milk, complete with a rich and creamy blue cheese to finish.  

We loved curating this delectable French cheese table.  As dessert for this particular function,  we chose to pair the cheese with succulent, sweet fruits and pastes to finish off the evening.    The beauty of creating a cheese table is how unique each one can be.  

With different textures and flavours the opportunities are endless.